We build softwarethat works

We are a London based boutique software house with expertise in some of the most relevant technologies of today, solving a wide range of problems for our clients.

Founded in 2010, Optimax Software has delivered cutting edge software for the world's largest banks. We participate in multiple stages of projects' from model implementation and database design to application coding and front-end development.

Deliveringsolutionsfor theworld's leadingfinancial institutions

Our solutions are used globally by some of the world’s largest financial services institutions. We build innovative, differentiating products and services that meet the nuanced requirements of our client’s businesses and satisfy the needs of their end users, whether traders, managers, developers or support staff. We believe that by designing and building systems collaboratively with our clients, we’re able to combine our own broad experience in financial services technology with their intimate understanding of the day-to-day user experience.

Barclays Capital
BNP Paribas


Rightsolutionsfor our customers

We have helped customers in number of different sectors, ranging from telecoms to healthcare, retail to banking. We offer full range of software development and system integration services.

Analysis & Plannning
OptiMax Software can help its customers at all stages of their product development, from analysis and planning to deployment.
Project Management & Product Development
We provide complete project management, implementation and development services. An engagement can vary from providing initial consultancy and training, to taking on full responsibility for the project delivery ourselves.
Modern & Enterprise UI
Experts in developing modern browser based enterprise UI solutions, including isomorphic/universal web Apps, PWAs, low latency UIs, serverless SPAs, modular/distributed web clients.
Cloud, Big Data, Automation, AI
We will efficiently handle your Big Data, boost productivity using automation, help with your Cloud Computing needs and Artificial Intelligence(AI) adoption.