AppTrends Best way to get Chrome apps analytics

Recently we got an idea - what if any user of Chrome Web Store would be able to track the way his own or any other application gets the popularity values. That would definitely give lots of people an ability to be in touch of how their apps are successful or how competitive applications are getting interest on Chrome Web Store.

Numerics Calculator & Converter The easiest way to calculate!

This started some time ago, when we introduced a simple experiment we called simply - Calculator and published it on Chrome Web Store. Unexpectedly for us it became an instant hit. Following this success, we gradually developed other tools of similar calculative nature. Today we join them under a one umbrella and are happy to introduce a new family of products, called Numerics.

Numerics Loan Expert Easy and powerful loan and mortgage analytics tool

Mortgages and loans are one of those financial products where banks can fool people by making more expensive product look cheaper. To help the people to better understand and visualise this and ultimately pay less interest or abstain from it, we at Optimax Software designed a handy visual free loan analyser tool.

Using dynamic charts and visual payment schedules it will help to get full easy to ...