Introducing Numerics Loan Expert Huseyn Guliyev Sep 13

Mortgages and loans are one of those financial products where banks can fool people by making more expensive product look cheaper. To help the people to better understand and visualise this and ultimately pay less interest or abstain from it, we at Optimax Software designed a handy visual free loan analyser tool.

Using dynamic charts and visual payment schedules it will help to get full easy to ...

Introducing Numerics Calculator Huseyn Guliyev Aug 3

Numerics Calculator is fast and very user-friendly application to make your calculations easier and faster. It is the leading solution on Chrome Web Store for variety of both simple and complex calculations.

Calculator provides a number of powerful features that differentiates it from old standard Windows/Mac/Unix built-in calculators...

New website for Optimax Software Huseyn Guliyev Jul 13

Here it is at last. After some long neglect on our side, we finally are happy to present our brand new company website the whole world.

Being very busy delivering top solutions for our clients, our own website was relatively low in our priority list. But at the end we managed to squeeze some time out for this.

Just to get something out, we decided to come with something minimalistic and simple. Yet even here we wanted to try something different, so rather than coming up with one of those popular CMS engines, we decided to use a cloud based platform, being strong believers in the cloud concept.

It will be very interesting for us to know your opinion. We will appreciate your feedback and will value your comments.