Introducing Numerics Converter Huseyn Guliyev Nov 13

Today we are happy to announce a new member of Numerics family - Converter.

Converter is an integrated solution for multiple types of conversions for financial people, scientists, students and anybody else seeking for fast and simple conversion functions. Its Currency Converter updates currencies’ rates regularly during the day providing the most recent changes for the all currencies around the globe. Furthermore, it gives an opportunity for calculating almost any physical units like force, weight, volume, velocity, viscosity or even power and energy. The latter one is actually getting importance among British and European users as they are becoming more concerned over managing their electricity, and water usage.

In its core, Converter is a pure JavaScript and HTML-based web application. Developed with a great passion by our young and talented team members it has simple API using AJAX for client-side UI interactivity and Java-based backend for such operation like currencies’ rates updates. It is another demonstration of our HTML5 Cloud based solutions.