Numerics Huseyn Guliyev Nov 10

This started some time ago, when we introduced a simple experiment we called simply - Calculator and published it on Chrome Web Store. Unexpectedly for us it became an instant hit. Following this success, we gradually developed other tools of similar calculative nature. Today we join them under a one umbrella and are happy to introduce a new family of products, called Numerics.

What is Numerics?

Numerics is a group of products developed by Optimax Software Ltd. It is developed for people for daily usage with a simple and intuitive user interface. Numerics includes Converter, Calculator, and LoanExpert. These three applications constitute a core part of Numerics and count for 99% of its popularity. Recently Numerics acquired around 150K users worldwide amongst Google Chrome users and became one of the top 20 applications for Google Chrome browser.

Moreover, Optimax Software team managed to get a double increase in users number just from November to December proving itself as highly motivated and dynamically learning group of professional software engineers. Today, they are getting even more exciting plans for the future of Numerics products.