New features in Numerics jamil Apr 4

We are constantly working towards improving our products like Numerics Calculator and Converter. Today we are happy to announce that our Converter would provide much more precise rates for all the currencies available at Numerics. Indeed, we started to update currency rates several times per day and thus are having much more precise numbers than most of other currently available services.

Moreover, we fixed the PDF generation at Numerics LoanExpert and now it works even better. Regarding long-term mortgages, LoanExpert is now providing full support for that type of mortgages.

Our team are really concerned over the features our users would wish to see at Numerics Converter and Calculator. We are looking forward to hear any of ideas, features, tricks or bugs that you, dear users, would like to share with us.

Our strategy is to constantly support our products. Our mission to server for our clients.