Introducing Numerics Loan Expert Huseyn Guliyev Sep 13

Mortgages and loans are one of those financial products where banks can fool people by making more expensive product look cheaper. To help the people to better understand and visualise this and ultimately pay less interest or abstain from it, we at Optimax Software designed a handy visual free loan analyser tool.

Using dynamic charts and visual payment schedules it will help to get full easy to understand statistics for your loan. It's made to handle a variety of loan conditions and cases. With Loan Expert you can calculate the payment schedule with various payment periods. Easily add extra payments and instantly see how they affect the future changes on the chart.

Loan Expert also works for loans with variable interest rate. Just activate variable interest on loan settings and you'll be able to set periodical interest rates. Another remarkable feature or our product is that it supports interest only loans.

Another feature of Loan Expert, which is really popular among our users is PDF export. You can download your loan calculations in a single file just by one click on the PDF button on the header. You can also easily print it, as it was developed to be printer friendly.

You can synchronize all your loans with your Google Account within a few clicks. Saved loans will appear on a special dashboard, where you will be able to compare different loans to find out the one which really suits you.

Sounds interesting? Try it yourself, all features are available for free. And let us know, if you have any suggestions.