Launching AppTrends Huseyn Guliyev Jan 3

Recently we got an idea - what if any user of Chrome Web Store would be able to track the way his own or any other application gets the popularity values. That would definitely give lots of people an ability to be in touch of how their apps are successful or how competitive applications are getting interest on Chrome Web Store. So, we decided to develop an application that will provide a completely new approach on tackling the idea. You can try it here

AppTrends is a simple but powerful tool for getting analytics on Web Store applications usage. It gives such an option as creation of your own list of interested apps on Web Store. Named as bundles, they actually contain focus group of specific apps. By building up bundles, user can track the differences of his apps’ users numbers comparing with any other competitive ones. While user gets the lists created, AppTrends does all the rest. It keeps recording users count of all the applications registered globally so that to provide the full track of popularity fluctuations for over the period of time since the app registration time. That brings users to the level when they are actually witnessing Chrome trends in live - constantly at any moment.

Moreover, we enhanced our solution with one more interesting stuff - pre-created categories of apps. These categories play two major roles - to show the highest ranked apps for each of the categories and to give a clear idea for any user of what kind of bundles can be created by AppTrends .