About OptiMax Software

OptiMax Software is a new breed of software house. Our team consists of computer scientists and enthusiasts with background in international programming competitions, with degrees from prestigious universities, in fact most of us PhDs and Masters. To us software development is an art, we are artists and we release only what we can proudly put our names on.

We are a group of software experts with various backgrounds, aiming to delivering the right solutions for our customers. Rather than just trying to fix the problem with whatever skills we have or tools we know, we look for the perfect fit technology for the situation and will even go that extra bit to acquire that knowledge, so that we can bring the ultimate solution. We have helped customers in number of different sectors ranging from telecoms to healthcare, from retail to banking.

Services and Technology

With top experts in two most popular platforms we offer our clients best of both worlds. On one hand we deliver state of the art desktop products for Windows and .NET, on the other we target Cloud with most fascinating HTML 5, Java, Python, JavaScript solutions. OptiMax Software can help its customers at all stages of their product development, from analysis and planning to deployment and marketing. We provide project management, implementation and development services. An engagement can vary from providing initial consultancy and training through to taking on entire responsibility for the project delivery.

Founded in 2010 OptiMax Software is incorporated in England and Wales and is based in the City of London with development centre in Caucasus. The company is privately held, is profitable, cash positive and funded from its own income.